Living in the Moment

I've never lived more in the moment than I have since moving to Canmore.

Suddenly all those cliché sayings and memes I've scrolled by have meaning.

Moving to Canmore took a lot of effort, a lot of trust and a lot of throwing all preconceived notions, thoughts, plans and theories on life aside! It was literally a leap of faith, a free base jump without a chute. But we made it - almost as if we had finally arrived on solid ground after a rocky boat ride, kissing the ground as tears rolled down our cheeks.
Kinda like that.

Loads of Tears: Happy-Sad-Tension-Relieving-Tears.

Settling into Canmore was like living in a dream-like state, trying to wake up, but already being awake. All of our senses were challenged; the physical beauty overwhelming; the difference in where we came from and where we now were, a sensory overload. It took a few months to settle in, find our footing, and even get through a few weeks of being laid up with a knee injury and terrible flu.

The emotional come-down from our previous life was
almost as physical as it was mental.

Each day the fog lifted, and I felt like my dream was becoming more of my reality. The overly bright scenery that felt blinding before, is now just right. The fresh air and altitude that made my lungs hurt, now a lifeline. I could feel the clean air and water cleansing my cells. Each day I was becoming lighter. Each day feeling more energized.
Each day another piece of myself healing and restoring. It sounds crazy, I know!

Even crazier is that I feel like we've uncovered some secret; unlocked a secret passage, cracked the code; earned our place in this wonderland. Each day unfolds as it is supposed to, despite what plans I think I may have, despite what task lists and to do's are set as priority for the day. I'm learning to go with the flow, and taking things as they come. Not getting too fussed or stressed when my day turns right instead of left - did you see what I did there?
I truly feel like I am on a journey, away from old habits, away from preconceived notions, away from the life I used to know. And I'm enjoying it. We're enjoying it.

Somehow I know that things are working out as they are supposed to, and that we are being led down a path that we didn't even know existed. And it's wonderful! More wonderful than we could have even imagined or created for ourselves. And now I just want to help others get here ❤️
~ Donna