Spring Maintenance Tips

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Whether Spring arrives on time, or weeks late like this year, this checklist of property maintenance items helps keep you on track as an owner, and keeps the home in tip-top shape, an important element of home ownership!

o  Check that downspouts are down and in working order; repair as required
o  Clean out gutters; clear any debris and ensure water can flow down and out
o  Take a walk around your home; focus on the foundation and see where the grading may need some    attention. Pools of water near the foundation is a sign that the grading may need some attention. Water should be draining away from the house.
o  Clear out window wells and watch for proper drainage
o  Inspect the roof and shingles; repair any loose or cracked shingles as required
o  Turn on the exterior water lines once the temperature has reached above zero
o  Check the weather stripping on all exterior doors; repair or replace as required
o  Inspect all windows for damaged screens and missing/loose caulking; make repairs as required
o  Clean windows and screens
o  Turn on your A/C unit; schedule annual maintenance if required
o  Check that your sump pump is operating properly. Inspect both the pump itself and the drainage outside. Consider installing a sump pump alarm, a newer technology now available
o  Clean out the exterior dryer vent
o  Replace the furnace filter
o  Vacuum the coils at the back of your refrigerator
o  Clean the kitchen exhaust fan and replace the filter if required
o  Replace the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and ensure they are in proper working order
o  Clean the front load washing machine and clean out any mold or mildew inside the rubber gasket
o  Clean driveway, exterior doors and front steps, decks & patios
o  Check deck for wear; repair, stain or paint as required
o  Test exterior lighting; replace as required
o  Prepare your lawn equipment

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